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Another addition to the SquarePegToys® plug range. 

These are shaped like big pacifiers. The blunt ends make them a challenge to get in but once “over the hump” the extra long taper makes for a fun ride as the toy gets sucked by the clamping action of your hole. 

The long tapered neck helps it to stay in even though it may slip out some, it will take a conscious effort to remove it most likely.  

Many report being able to push it out without it releasing, applying pressure to the hole from the inside… grunt play. 

Bases are designed narrow on one side wide on the other to help them fit better between your cheeks.

  • Height 5.2" / 13cm
  • Circ max 9" / 23cm, neck 6.8" / 17.5cm
  • Height 5" / 13.5cm
  • Circ max 10" / 26cm, neck 7" / 17.5cm
  • Height 6 1/2" / 16.5cm 
  • Circ max 11" / 29.5cm, neck 8 1/4" / 22cm
  • Height 6 1/2" / 16cm
  • Circ max 12" / 31.5cm, neck 8 1/2" / 21.5cm
  • Height 7" / 17cm
  • Circ max 13" / 34cm, neck 9 1/4" / 24.5cm
  • Height 6 1/2" / 17cm
  • Circ max 14" / 35.5cm, neck 9 1/2" / 24cm

Famous for their unusual shapes and creative designs, SquarePegToys® has built a reputation in the US and around the world for high quality silicone ass toys that last. They're perfect for use with all kinds of lubes - and despite being more expensive than traditional dildos or plugs - these toys will last for years and beyond.

Beginning in 1997, SquarePegToys® was the first to produce large silicone toys targeted directly at fetish anal play in a market dominated by vinyl.

Each shape begins as a unique, hand-sculpted model inspired from imagination with an eye towards what would make for great hole play.


All SquarePegToys® are made in the USA with US produced silicone to further ensure the product’s safety and quality.


Unlike some Rubber or Vinyl products, Silicone is a highly durable material. resistant to moisture and oils. Silicone is unsurpassed in its suitability for sex toys and is the only material that will live up to the kind of use and abuse that serious ass toy users put them through.

To learn even more about SquarePegToys® along with FAQs and user guides, visit the Community Learning Center

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