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Solovair Boots at Regulation

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The Regulation Solovair Boot. Made exclusively for Regulation in Northampton, England. 

Form fitting Boots. Built to Last 
Quality, detailing and fit are the key aspects here. Each pair is born in the same factory where original Doc Martens were made in England for decades. The same high standards and durable manufacturing processes apply. 

A treat for your feet. A gift for your sole.
Air cushioned soles provide extra support and comfort. If you're stomping the night away in a club or wearing them out and about all day, you'll fall in love with Solovair (Sole Of Air) air cushioning. Why should wearing great boots be an endurance? 

High quality smooth leather is the perfect base for your first polish. No plasticky coating here - just the natural factory protection layer. Some dutiful work by you or your bootboy and you'll have a mirror shine to be proud of. the heat sealed sole is sturdy and weatherproof.

Solovair Boots Solovair Boots Solovair Boots

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