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‌Rex will paw his way into your favourites collection in no time. 

With his impressive length and an enticing knot, Rex brings more than a little bite with his bark.

Rex’s long, shapely, lightly textured shaft is perfect for thrusting while you’ll meet its climax with its bulbous knot. 

Few other Bad Dragon products boast such length, making this the perfect toy for deep depth play and p-spot stimulation. 

Work your way over the knot and you’ll find this toy happily sits and stays just where you leave him, giving you that perfectly filled sensation. 

With its modest base, Rex is easy to handle and this perfect companion is made even more enjoyable with the addition of a suction cup.

Rex's Natural is a vibrant solid red.

Number 5 / Medium (see guide)

Body-Safe by Bad Dragon

Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.  These toys can withstand some crazy temperature fluctuations - anywhere from a little below freezing to the heat of an autoclave, the heavy-duty device used by hospitals to sterilize their instruments.
Small Medium Large X-Large
Circumference of Head 8.26cm / 3.25" 10.92cm / 4.3" 13.34cm / 5.25" 15.88cm / 6.25"
Circumference of Knot 15.93cm / 6.27" 20.32cm / 8" 23.95cm / 9.43" 28.58cm / 11.25"
Circumference of Shaft 11.07cm / 4.36" 13.34cm / 5.25" 16.51cm / 6.5" 19.05cm / 7.5"
Diameter of Head 2.79cm / 1.1" 3.30cm / 1.3" 4.19cm / 1.65" 5.08cm / 2"
Diameter of Knot 5.33cm / 2.1" 6.68cm / 2.63" 8.03cm / 3.16" 9.78cm / 3.85"
Diameter of Shaft 3.56cm / 1.4" 4.27cm / 1.68" 5.23cm / 2.06" 6.35cm / 2.5"
Total Length 20.32cm / 8" 25.4cm / 10" 30.48cm / 12" 36.83cm / 14.5"
Usable Length 16.51cm / 6.5" 20.96cm / 8.25" 25.4cm / 10" 30.48cm / 12"

Need more sizing help? Use Bad Dragon's Size Tool Click Here.

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