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Nova really is a “tier jerker.” 

Get acquainted with his layered design and you’ll find out why. 

Nova’s many ridges make for an incredible feeling the second he’s inserted inside you. 

As you make your way, popping slowly and deliberately past each crest, you’ll finally arrive at its bulge. 

This special feature is designed for even more sensation to push you over the edge and send you flying. His slight curve and pointed tip sure help, too. 

Designed to stimulate anally, Nova also hits your p-spot incredibly well for an all-around good time.

Nova's Natural is a pearly pink tip faded to a gray knot with a black base.

Number 5 / Medium (see guide)

Body-Safe by Bad Dragon

Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.  These toys can withstand some crazy temperature fluctuations - anywhere from a little below freezing to the heat of an autoclave, the heavy-duty device used by hospitals to sterilize their instruments.
Small Medium Large X-Large
Circumference of Head 11.43cm / 4.5" 15.24cm / 6" 17.78cm / 7" 22.86cm / 9"
Circumference of Knot 16.51cm / 6.5" 21.59cm / 8.5" 25.4cm / 10" 31.12cm / 12.25"
Circumference of Shaft 12.7cm / 5" 16.51cm / 6.5" 19.05cm / 7.5" 22.86cm / 9"
Diameter of Head 3.81cm / 1.5" 5.08cm / 2" 6.35cm / 2.5" 7.62cm / 3"
Diameter of Knot 5.34cm / 2.1" 7.11cm / 2.8" 8.13cm / 3.2" 10.16cm / 4"
Diameter of Shaft 3.3cm / 1.3" 4.32cm / 1.7" 5.08cm / 2" 6.35cm / 2.5"
Total Length 17.78cm / 7" 22.86cm / 9" 28.56cm / 11.25" 34.93cm / 13.75"
Usable Length 14.61cm / 5.75" 19.05cm / 7.5" 23.5cm / 9.25" 27.94cm / 11"

Need more sizing help? Use Bad Dragon's Size Tool Click Here.

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