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SQUARE PEG Make Sounds!™ Putty Kit

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SQUARE PEG Make Sounds!™ Putty Kit

This kit comes with enough firm Peg Away Putty™ to make a set of urethral toys in 100% Platinum grade silicone.

The putty adheres to itself very well, so consider building your sounding tools in stages, forming the core first, then adding rings, ridges, bumps, a balled tip, form with a loop on the end for securing in your PA. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Bonding will be paramount here, but if you’re working with all Peg Away Putty™, within a 24 hour period it will bond to itself very well without any surface prep. But as always, check the safety of your work before each play time.

How many will this kit make?  A sound the size of a Bic pen is about 9.5g, or 1/3 of an oz.

What you will need in addition to the kit:

What you will need in addition to the kit:

  1. A strong grease-cutting detergent like Fairy platinum.
  2. If you are making rings, you will need small plastic forms that match the intended inside diameter of your ring. Nalgene® or soft milky plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene are the best.

For more detailed documentation about preparing your toy and work area, and testing your materials, see Create with Peg Away Putty™.


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Please Note

  • By using this putty, you acknowledge awareness of, and assume the risks involved with, not getting a proper bond to adhere, and, your responsibility to create a shape or device that does not present a safety risk to you or others. Always check your work before each play session by giving your modifications a good tug. You also agree to assume full responsibility for the safety and effectiveness of the toys you create. SquarePegToys® will not be liable for injury caused by your own design work or lack of obtaining a proper bond.
  • Images of completed work are only examples of what can be done with the Peg Away Putty™ kits, and are not a guarantee of what you will obtain. They are intended to demonstrate the amount Peg Away Putty™ you might need in order to achieve your own personal design.
  • If you are unsure whether or not Peg Away Putty™ will adhere to a toy, test first with a small amount on the base of the toy. As formulas can change over time, assurances cannot be made when it comes to the reliability of Peg Away Putty™ adhering to product lines other than SquarePegToys®.

Product Code P02566
Colour Black
Material Silicone
Brand Square Peg Toys
Stock status in our London Store
Make Sounds! 1.5 oz, Peg Away Putty In Stock

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About Square Peg

Famous for their unusual shapes and creative designs - Square Peg has built a reputation in the US and around the world for high-quality silicone ass toys that last. Unlike some Rubber or Vinyl products, Silicone is a highly durable material. resistant to moisture and oils. They're perfect for use with all kind of lubes - and despite being more expensive than traditional dildos or plugs - Square Peg toys will last for years and beyond. 

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