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We've combined tough strong belting leather with soft hide and even added a generous layer of padding.  Coupled with tough straps, strong buckles and a heavy welded D-ring, we think these cuffs are simply the toughest and most comfortable cuffs around.

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Both wrist and ankle restraints are made in a cuff style: There is a piece of padding which goes around the joint which then is closed with a belt. The padding is a thick and soft piece of foam lined with soft leather. Onto the outside of the padding a piece of bridle leather which is a bid narrower than the padding is riveted. So even when the sub struggles heavily there is padding over the bridle leather’s hard edges. The bridle leather piece is also only approx 4/5 of the padding’s length leaving a part of it free to fold down for a secure fit even if the sub has really small wrists or ankles. The four rivets for attaching the padding to the belt also hold the two D-rings, the locking posts and the roller buckle in place.

The belt on these restraints are long enough with holes punched close enough to the rivet that they can accommodate small to really large wrists and ankles. When you are on the larger end of the circumference spectrum there will be a space without padding which did not bother any testees.

Minimal Circumference Maximal Lockable Circumference Maximal Not Lockable Circumference
Wrist Restraints 10cm 24cm 32cm
Ankle Restraints 15.5cm 27cm 35.5cm

When I first got the restraints I was a bit puzzled by a rather large “wave” on the belt between the central rivets. It turns out that once you put the restraint onto a sub the padding follows the curvature of the wave so the belt does not get stretched! This attention to detail shows on the entire toy: The stitching is flawless, the D-rings are welded, the leather smells and feels like good, sustainably tanned leather is supposed to. In terms of customizing you just recently got the choice of black and white for the strap and a choice of 8 different colors for the padding to match your fetish gear.

They are especially good on very active sub because the fragile joints are well protected by the thick padding.

Playing with the restraints

What sets these restraints apart from others is really the padding. It is so lavish, lush and soft that once broken in and fettered in a secure position there is no feeling of being restrained at all. It is only when the sub starts to struggle that the he feels that behind the fluffy veneer is a merciless, heavy duty restraint keeping him in place even when he fights hard! For that reason I like these restraints a lot for heavy scenes.

Attention to detail shows on the entire toy: The stitching is flawless.

They are especially good on very active sub because the fragile joints are well protected by the thick padding. Because they are not that noticeable these restraints are great for subs who want to know they are fettered but are not comfortable (yet) with the tight feeling of a restraint around the joints.Being so comfortable I had several testees using them while sleeping.

Since the initial bondage feeling is not quite there I recommend locking the belts slowly one after another so that the sub can hear the clicking sound and realizes that without the restraints are not coming off.

Once it comes to tying someone down these restraints are made for complex bondage layouts. With two D-rings with a width of 37mm per restraints there are enough attachment points for elaborate bondage setups. To complete the set, there are matching collars available.


Restraints comfortable enough to be worn 24/7 yet strict enough to power out even an extremely fighting sub.

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