The Aromas Ban: What You Need To Know
The Aromas Ban: What You Need To Know

In the gay community aromas have been around in one form or another, for at least 50 years. Loved by many, they've been an essential ingredient for anal sex, easing the often painful first experiences and enhancing the pleasure of great sex. They've always been there for us, until now.

The government has had an on and off relationship with poppers since the start, they've tried to ban them again and again but this time it looks final. From April 6th it will be illegal to sell or supply aromas in the UK.

From 5th of April we will take them off our shelves and off our website, you will not be able to purchase them from any store and it doesn't stop there. Aromas will be treated the same as any other drug.

So what else will the new law mean?

- If you bring Aromas from overseas, that will be importing a drug.
- If you try to take them abroad you will be exporting a drug.
- If you give a friend a bottle you will be supplying a drug.
- If you own a large quantity, this could be considered intent to supply.
- Clubs and Saunas may have to keep a watch on poppers coming onto their premises.
- You can possess them at home provided you don't look like you intend to supply them.

It's not all doom and gloom however. There is a slight possibility that aromas may be excluded from the ban in a later review of the law. But until then, be careful and play safe.

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UPDATE 22-3-16

On the 16th of March 2016 the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs found in a special report that Poppers "Do not directly stimulate or depress the central nervous system.” and so should not be banned under the psychoactive substances bill. It's pertinent to remember that this advisory council decision may still need to be made official by the government. This Guardian article has more information.

At the moment until an official announcement is made there is a chance that the government could still try to ban alkyl nitrites on the 6th of April. However we have seen this letter which details that its is the government's understanding that alkyl nitrites do not fall under the scope of the bill. And that the review into a bespoke exemption of alkyl nitrites from the psychoactive substances bill has ended as a result of this understanding.

We will keep you updated on twitter as we understand more about this developing story.

UPDATE 31-3-16

The new law banning legal highs that was supposed to cover aromas has now been delayed over concerns the law may not be enforceable. This comes after news that poppers had been comepletely excluded from the ban. This guardian article has more information.

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