Fetish Week London 2016
Fetish Week London 2016

Our absolute favourite time of year is upon us. Recon is preparing to activate the kinky homing beacon that is Fetish Week London. The action packed week of themed club nights never fails to draw in a crowd of cock hungry guys from all over the UK and around the world. This year will be bigger than ever, with a brand new event on top of all the usual filth and fun.

On Sunday the 10th of July the week kicks off with the exclusive, invite only premium members party. Monday there's a raunchy Fetish Screening; Tuesday has the infamous Bondage Masterclass; Wednesday the barking Best in Show; Thursday get sweaty with Sports Cruise and Friday is filled with fun, a soho Social, Fetish Week Dinner and Skinhead Event.

All these nights lead up to the main event, Full Fetish, which for the last time ever is in the iconic Coronet theatre club. The Coronet is closing this year so we need to make sure we give this awesome venue the send off it deserves. The week concludes on the Sunday with the Rubber Gear Party and the closing event, Deconstruction. Tickets for all these events are available commission free in our Islington store.


With our central London workshop working overdrive our store will be teeming with all the gear you need to have a completely filthy week of kinky fun. This year we've launched new ranges of rubber and leather gear which will be showcased fully in the store.

Throughout the week we will be having in store offers on gear and toys so make sure you visit to make the most of them. On the Friday and Saturday come hang out in store with a free drink in your hand as you chill before the nights of fun ahead. We're open later than usually on these days till 8pm so you can get those last minute essentials.

Most importantly though, have an awesome week and we'll see you there.




Featured Image: Regulation Team at Full Fetish 2015 by Chris Jepson
Montage: Store Photos From Fetish Week 2015

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