Product Highlight: Heavy Duty Sling Frame
Product Highlight: Heavy Duty Sling Frame

Introducing the future of sling frame design, the all new ‘Heavy Duty Sling Frame’ and ‘Master Leather Sling' from RED. We look over the new designs with a detailed analysis.

The Frame

The first thing you will notice is that this isn’t your ordinary sling frame. With a unique Y shaped three leg design, the footprint of the new sling frame is drastically reduced. Perfect if space is limited or you have an uneven floor. Having only three legs reduces the overall weight and the addition of a Y shaped lower cross brace gives the overall structure support and rigidity. 

The T shaped back bar provides an extra attachment for five point slings, whilst allowing unrestricted access around the upper body. The YT design combination allows for this sling frame to be used to suspend sleep sacks and mummification sacks. 

"One of the strongest and most stable portable frames available on the market."

The sling frame collapses fully into a sleek canvas bag that can accommodate the frame, sling and chains. There are no tools needed for assembly, everything is easily clipped together, you may just need someone to help hold it. 

Made from corrosion resistant, zinc electroplated mild steel tubing, this frame is seriously strong. if you’re concerned about your lovely new hardwood floor, the black rubber feet are both non-slip and non-marking. RED put the frame to the test by hanging 300kg of concrete blocks from it and it didn’t even flinch.

The Sling

By popular demand, RED has designed an all new leather sling, dubbed “The Master of All Slings.” With four suspension points this sling is designed to promote a natural body posture.

Crafted out of english bridle leather, usually used for horse riding saddles, this sling is designed to take a lot of stress. Not only is the leather strong but its also firmly held together with heavy duty rivets and hangs on welded d-rings. 


A padded, adjustable head rest is beyond luxury on a sling of this type. The overall shape of the sling is designed to be supportive and ergonomic, whilst giving great access to the right areas. 

What We Think

Here at Regulation we are intrigued and impressed to see such an innovative new design on the market. Fresh idea’s and unique design solutions are what we constantly look for in new products. RED set out to make this one of the strongest and most stable portable frames available on the market. We think this is something really special. 

The new sling and sling frame are now available on our website.

16.1.17 UPDATE: The sling frame is now made from Stainless Steel instead of the previous zinc electroplated mild steel. An update which improves the long term life and overall strength of the sling frame.

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