S10 Funnel Hood
S10 Funnel Hood

Are you thirsty for a new experience? Our latest statement rubber hood design has been highly popular, and here's why.

Featuring an S10 gas mask with a zipped black latex hood, this device will do more than just turn someone into an enclosed gas mask gimp. With a large rubber gag on the inside that fills the mouth and a short tube attached to a funnel, this hood will force the wearer to drink anything and everything that you pour into it. The gas mask retains all of its original functionality so if you add a filter, long tube or bubble bottle you can restrict the wearers breathing or force them to smell something as they chug down everything you pour into it.

"You know there is no way that you can avoid drinking it, no complaining and no escape."


You are on your knees, clad head to toe in rubber, your arms are restrained behind your back, as you look up you see a stream of golden yellow piss making its way into the funnel; you know there is no way that you can avoid drinking it, no complaining and no escape. Seeing everything as it comes your way adds to the fear aspect, as your dom gathers a group of guys to add to the torrent.

The S10 funnel hood is one of our favourite new products, it combines some of the things we truly love, gas masks, rubber hoods, watersports and gags. With this hood you can make your urinal dreams come true and look ridiculously hot in the process.

See more about the S10 Funnel Hood here

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