KINK101: Cockrings
KINK101: Cockrings

New to cockrings? Just got one and not 100% sure you're doing it right? We're here to help.

Made out of various materials, like metal, rubber, leather or jelly (silicone or TPE), these little guys are designed to enhance your package, get your dick super hard and ready for action anytime you want to. No wonder, they're some of our most popular items.


How does one wear it? The cockring goes around your cock and balls, encircling them from under the sack and over the base of your shaft. This engorges your dick, making it super hard and it feels really, really good - some guys even swear it makes their cock temporarily girthier. Before you pop it on, make sure you're soft and don't use lube to ease it on - it will only make it fall off later on. It works best if your balls are hanging loose and low, so grab a warm shower or turn the heating up.

Which size do you go for? The best way to find out is to simply take a piece of string and wrap it around like a cockring would, make it a little tighter; if you're starting to get a semi, that's the right tightness. Mark it, measure it, divide by 3.14 and you'll get the approximate size of the ring you need.

If you've chosen one of the rubber or metal cockrings, you'll need a bit more detailed instructions. We got you covered. Here are our four easy steps to help you get it on.

1. Put one ball through the ring, usually the lower one goes first. Take as much scrotum with it as you can.

2. Pull the other ball and let them hang freely through the ring. Your dick is most likely hanging over the ring at this point.

3. Pull your dick through the ring. If you're hard, this might prove impossible. Take a breather, get soft and try again. You might have to pull it a bit harder, but don't worry, it's more flexible than you think. If you're worried about skin-on-skin drag, use a bit of talcum powder.

4. Boom! It's on! Now just enjoy your package looking hot. You're probably sporting a semi or a full-on rock-hard erection. You're welcome.

For stretchy, adjustable or leather cockrings the process is similar but way simpler: with a jelly ring, just stretch the ring and pull under your balls and gently reduce the size until it tightly grips your package - watch out not to snap it on!; as for the leather ones, they usually come with snaps or a d-ring - just pull the strap under your balls and fasten it on top of your dick.

Now that you know how to wear one, have a look at some of our favourite cockrings. There's plenty of various flavours of rings out there. Some of the ones we chose down below include extra loops or stretchers for the balls - combined with a cockring, they give an incredible sensation. Go, explore and enjoy!

Huge thanks to Gabo for the amazing artwork! You can find more of his sexy illustrations on his Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. He's available for commissions, so go show him some love!

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