Electro Sex: The Starting Guide
Electro Sex: The Starting Guide

From sticky electro pads to electro sounds, sex in the 21st century is getting technical. For some people, electro play is a way of reaching levels of intense pleasure, in new and exiting ways. But how, might you ask, do you turn volts into orgasms? We’re going to shed some light on the principles and tools you’ll need to get started.  

The principles are simple, pass electricity through muscle tissue and it contracts; conduct electricity through the skin and you get  a tingling sensation. Its the application of these two principles that when used correctly, to the right areas, can prove very exiting.

"Some electro players are so good, they can orgasm hands free from the power of electro alone."

The Toys

E-Stim Series 1

Electro boxes are designed to create waves of electricity that are safe for use on the human body. All power boxes have a level control, and the more premium boxes have more functions and extra power. Electrodes include simple pads, plugs and a wide variety of other accessories.

Most electro boxes have one or two "Channels".  Each "Channel" will have two contact points for the body.  These contact points are often referred to as "Poles.” Both of these contact points must be in use on the body as the electricity needs to flow between them. The feelings you will get are spread between where you have connected your two poles. 

The medium magnum can be used single or double pole.

It is also worth remembering that the feeling may not be balanced evenly between the two contact points. Often people experience more intense feelings around the contact point with the most resistance.  This can mean the smaller contact or the drier contact.

Electrodes come in Bi-Polar or Single Pole varieties. Bipolar electrodes have two contact points built in, and can be used on their own. Single pole electrodes provide one contact point so you can use them in pairs. Most bipolar electrodes can be used single pole too, by using only one of the contacts, allowing you to combine them with another electrode.

Electrodes Together

Lets have a look at some of the great combinations you can achieve with electro.

The first (pictured below), is a single pole base ring, which sits behind the cock and balls with a Corona, that fits around the head of the penis. This conducts the current through the entire shaft from base to tip.  

E-Stim Powerbox + Corona + Base Ring

If you are looking for some intense prostate stimulation, you can use almost any plug such as the Medium Magnum, in combination with a simple base ring or other cock accessory. This will send the current directly through the prostate.

If you have a box with two channels you can do both of the above at the same time, just use both poles of the plug on one channel. This will send most of the current over the sphincter, but a residual current will all so pass through the prostate. And if you want to get really interesting, you might want to look into Triphase cables which convert two outputs into three poles, to create some great effects.

However it doesn't have to be so complicated, simple set ups using standard Electro Pads or Loops can be great fun! The Series one kit by E-Stim and Flick boxes by Electrastim, come with pads and loops to get you started.

Using Electro for Great Sex

"You are restrained, unable to move, a wave like, tingling feeling flows through your most sensitive areas."

Electro is great to use alone, with a partner or as part of a bondage scene. Experimenting with electro is great fun, you can play for hours exploring new sensations. Some electro players are so good, they can orgasm hands free from the power of electro alone. This takes time and patience to get the right rhythm, but once you do, the results are explosive.

If you love bondage but haven’t yet explored electro imagine yourself in this situation: You are restrained, unable to move, a wave like, tingling feeling flows through your most sensitive areas. You start to get used to the feeling pulsating through you, slowly rising and falling but the the power is gradually increased and with each rise it gets more intense; ultimately making you squirm and resist against the restraints as it stimulates you to the edge. Bondage will never feel the same again. 

Always play safe and read all safety information included with power boxes before playing.

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