Butt Plug Harnesses - Locked & Loaded
Butt Plug Harnesses - Locked & Loaded

Are you a pup who keeps losing his tail? Or perhaps you like the idea of forcing your boy to wear that plug all day? For many, butt plug harnesses are the essential bit of kit for some seriously fun and thrilling anal control.

Made in our London workshop, our butt plug harnesses are sturdy, secure and most importantly comfortable. Plus, both harnesses have a seamless cockring integrated into the design giving full frontal access. Let's take a quick look...


Our locking leather tail harness is made of strong bridle leather and designed specifically to hold a puppy tail butt plug. It’s compatible with almost all brands of tail including  BON4 tails and Square Peg Happy Puppy Tails.

See those padlocks? You can bet he hasn't failed to notice.


With lots of adjustment and two sizes this leather harness is designed to hold your tail snugly in place and avoid the uncomfortable feeling that it might fall out.

"There's a whole range of ways to enjoy plug harnesses with your partner. Whether it's during the weekly shop, cleaning the house or a night in a club."
Square Peg Show Tail

For a tail with no internal plug, the Square Peg Show tail (left) fits perfectly and is held upright by the harness too. You literally cannot tell the difference between someone using a normal tail and a show tail. Alternatively, use the show tail so you can wear your preferred plug underneath. Double the fun.

Lots of guys use water based lube instead of silicone lube because after some time, it dries, making the plug stay in slightly better but this can be uncomfortable. The leather harness allows you to keep using silicone lube, which doesn't dry up quickly, adding comfort - especially if it's in for the long haul!


The Rubber Butt Plug Harness is designed to be compatible with Oxballs harness plugs. These plugs have loops designed into them, which allow them to be mounted onto a harness. They have a generously long shaft to keep the sphincter stretched at one comfortable width and are made of smooth platinum silicone.

Neoprene Rubber makes this harness watersports friendly.


Made of 4mm thick dense neoprene rubber, the harness is very adjustable and comes in two sizes. The eyelets are reinforced for additional strength during play and as the rubber doesn't stretch far, it's totally secure.

Here, the Oxballs tailbone gives you the opportunity to use this harness as a tail harness too!

There's a whole range of ways to enjoy plug harnesses with your partner. Whether it's during the weekly shop, cleaning the house or a night in a club, with our Locking Butt Plug Harnesses, you won't have to worry about losing your dog tail/butt plug again!

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