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  • KINK101: Cockrings
    KINK101: Cockrings

    New to cockrings? Just got one and not 100% sure you're doing it right? We're here to help.

    Made out of various materials, like metal, rubber, leather or jelly (silicone or TPE), these little guys are designed to enhance your package, get your dick super hard and ready for action anytime you want to. No wonder, they're some of our most popular items.

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  • Kink101: Sounding
    Kink101: Sounding

    You may have heard of sounding, and maybe you flinched at the thought? But if you open your mind to this new experience, a world of pleasure awaits.

    Sounding is the act of inserting specifically made objects called “Sounds” into the urethra. This is the tube that connects your bladder and the tip of your dick and it happens to run right through your prostate. Sounding stimulates sensitive nerve endings through-ought the penis; creating amazing sensations that some guys have never experienced before.

    Individual Sounds, £11.99

    Most sounds and sound sets are made out of smooth and polished stainless steel which is both easy to clean and durable. Silicone and other sounds have also become available and are a great flexible alternative which allow you explore deeper urethral play. Stainless steel sounds can often be bought in sets, this allows you to experiment with different sizes and work up to larger sizes over time.

    Sterile Lubricating Jelly, £3.99

    For sounding you will also need a water based body safe lubricant which washes off very easily and won't irritate if any remains inside your urethra. Stay away from silicone and grease-based lubes. They will hang around for longer than needed and are more difficult to “flush” out of the urethra. The ideal lube is sachets of sterile medical lube.

    JO Toy Cleaner, £10.99

    Your hands (as well as your dick, balls & groin,) should also be as clean as possible and you should avoid over handling the insertion end of the sound if possible. If a sound gets dropped onto the floor or accidentally put down on a potentially unclean surface, you should not re-insert it until it has been cleaned properly.

    When it comes time to play, you need to find a size you like, if it is your first time we recommend starting with something around a size 6. Thinner sizes such as a 4m or 2mm can be quite sharp but a 6mm sound is a good starting point for most people. Most guys may find that they can work up to an 8mm or 9mm sound quite quickly.

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  • The Complete Rubber Care Guide
    The Complete Rubber Care Guide

    When I bought my first rubber suit at the age of 20, I had no idea what I had to do to keep it looking as fresh as the day I bought it. Rubber care seemed like a dark art as far as I was concerned and I struggled to find out what to do and what not to do. As I asked around, different people told me conflicting things and I ended up none the wiser.

    Having worked with rubber for a number of years now I've picked up some tips, tricks, do's and don'ts that might not be as obvious as you'd expect.

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  • Plug and Play
    Plug and Play

    Butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes; from egg plugs to mega milk its, animal tails to tunnel plugs. At Regulation we have over 60 varieties and each one does something different to the other. How do you know which one is best for you? Are you looking to challenge yourself? Expand your horizons? Or just get your rocks off? Sit down and relax your sphincters as we delve into the deep and see what we can find.

    Conventional Plugs

    The conventional butt plug is the humble beginning for anyone exploring anal play, it's the true workhorse of the butt plug range. You will go back to it again and again when you want to get started. Usually these plugs have a simple rounded shape that is ergonomic to your insides and will feel comfortable to leave in for a satisfying full feeling.

    The best example of a conventional plug is the Square Peg Egg plug, it’s rounded, soft and comes in 6 different sizes so you can easily find one that’s comfortable or offers a challenge. With its soft bronze high quality silicone, the Square Peg Egg is by far the most comfortable plug on the market.
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  • Butt Plug Harnesses - Locked & Loaded
    Butt Plug Harnesses - Locked & Loaded

    Are you a pup who keeps losing his tail? Or perhaps you like the idea of forcing your boy to wear that plug all day? For many, butt plug harnesses are the essential bit of kit for some seriously fun and thrilling anal control.

    Made in our London workshop, our butt plug harnesses are sturdy, secure and most importantly comfortable. Plus, both harnesses have a seamless cockring integrated into the design giving full frontal access. Let's take a quick look...
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  • Electro Sex: The Starting Guide
    Electro Sex: The Starting Guide

    From sticky electro pads to electro sounds, sex in the 21st century is getting technical. For some people, electro play is a way of reaching levels of intense pleasure, in new and exiting ways. But how, might you ask, do you turn volts into orgasms? We’re going to shed some light on the principles and tools you’ll need to get started.  

    The principles are simple, pass electricity through muscle tissue and it contracts; conduct electricity through the skin and you get  a tingling sensation. Its the application of these two principles that when used correctly, to the right areas, can prove very exiting.

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  • Douching: The Beginner Guide
    Douching: The Beginner Guide

    When it comes to anal, we all accept that sometimes it's inevitable - shit happens. Still, many blokes hate the idea of coming into contact with shit during ass play so enemas or douching help fix that.

    Anal Douching is simply the process of inserting streams of water into the rectum, holding it for a short period of time and then expelling it. The water will be pretty shitty at first but after a few repetitions should run almost clear.

    When douching, we don't recommend any soaps or detergents as water should be sufficient and it's less likely to cause irritation. Over time, you'll get used to how your body feels and, with practice, the douching process will become easier and more comfortable as you relax.

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  • Caring for your Leather or Rubber


    Well looked after fetish wear can last many years and in the case of leather, a lifetime. We have a few tips to help ensure maximum life for your purchases.


    • Wash latex garments thoroughly after each wear using luke-warm water and a little mild detergent (shampoo or washing-up liquid).
    • Once clean let it drip dry away from direct heat and sunlight. When the rubber is dry the surface may be tacky and will cling to itself. You can prevent this by coating the inside with some talc or our odourless Rubber Dusting Powder.
    • Store hung up away from direct heat and sunlight.
    • You may wish to use a coat of polish (such as Regulation Rubber Polish) before and after storage to keep your rubber shiny. Keep your gear away from oil and grease which can damage or reduce the life of latex.
    • Do not store you rubber in direct contact with Silicone or Vinyl toys, these materials react badly over time.
    • Leather is very durable but not indestructible. Proper care & cleaning can prevent cracking maintain colours, and ensure hides remain supple to wear.
    • Keep leather away from chemicals, heat and humidity. We leather can start to crack when it dries.
    • There are many leather polishes, foams and cleaners available to help keep your hides in top condition. We stock Mister B Leather Creme and also Rapide Leather Oil to restore shine and protect.


    Regulation Rubber Care

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