Plug and Play
Plug and Play

Butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes; from egg plugs to mega milk its, animal tails to tunnel plugs. At Regulation we have over 60 varieties and each one does something different to the other. How do you know which one is best for you? Are you looking to challenge yourself? Expand your horizons? Or just get your rocks off? Sit down and relax your sphincters as we delve into the deep and see what we can find.

Conventional Plugs

The conventional butt plug is the humble beginning for anyone exploring anal play, it's the true workhorse of the butt plug range. You will go back to it again and again when you want to get started. Usually these plugs have a simple rounded shape that is ergonomic to your insides and will feel comfortable to leave in for a satisfying full feeling.

The best example of a conventional plug is the Square Peg Egg plug, it’s rounded, soft and comes in 6 different sizes so you can easily find one that’s comfortable or offers a challenge. With its soft bronze high quality silicone, the Square Peg Egg is by far the most comfortable plug on the market.

"You don't have to be a pup to enjoy the sensation of the tail wagging and moving the plug around inside you."

Tail Plugs

Animal Tail plugs combine conventional plugs with the addition of a wagging tail. You don’t have to be a pup to enjoy the sensation of the tail wagging and moving the plug around inside you. If you are into dog or pup play, these tails will complete your look.

At regulation we have three types of tail plugs, the Puppy Tail (pictured above), Woof Tail, and Bon4 tail. The puppy is designed to wag the most, the woof looks more realistic and the Bon4 is made of a super smooth material, which feels great.

Stretching Plugs

Next up are stretching plugs, these are designed to help you slowly work your way up to the next level. They normally start small and slowly get much larger. Simple in design they tend to be longer than the conventional plug. Some great examples would be the crack attack plugs, or the Elie dark crystal style plugs. You can see they are designed with a strong taper.

Inflatable Plugs

Inflatable Intruder Plug Inflatable Intruder Plug

If you want to stretch and want something that will mold itself to your shape we have inflatable plugs by Denber, these are solid cores with a latex surround that inflate with the use of a small hand pump. Perfect for gradual size increases.

Challenging Plugs

Our next category is Challenging plugs; these are designed for the more advanced thrill seekers among us. They are usually either strangely shaped with ripples or are larger than most would be able to take. A great example would be the Bulder Boras Plug, which is pointy, bulbous and genuinely frightens me a little bit, in a good way. Or the B-52 which is… quite large.

Sensational Plugs

Our penultimate category is our most Sensational. These plugs are designed to please, stimulate and feel awesome. There is no conventional shape to these plugs, which come in a vast array of quirky shapes and sizes.

Take the Charlie horse as an example, this small looking plug allows for even the entry level player to feel the full effects of anal play. Its shape is designed so that it directly rubs its ridges against the prostate.

Sensational Plugs From left: Small Pegger Thrasher, Large Pegger Thrasher, Twist, Mega Milk It, Charlie Horse.

If you are an advanced player however meet Charlie’s big brother, the Mega Milk it. This square peg delight has large super soft ridges, which will stimulate your prostate more than anything you have ever felt before.

Tunnel Plugs

Our last category is tunnel plugs, these are hollow plugs designed either for fucking inside, or dirtier play that I’ll let you imagine for yourself.

Oxballs Butt Hole

A great example is the Oxballs Butt Hole (pictured above); this plug is ribbed both for pleasure and structural support. Available in three sizes this plug is ergonomically shaped for a snug fit. With the addition of the extra hole you can put pretty much anything in there, more butt plugs, piss, water.

"Whether its quirky shapes, simple pleasures or intense fun, there is a plug for everyone."


The last important thing to consider when choosing a plug is what it’s made of. Some materials are inherently softer than others. The two main materials plugs are made of are Vinyl and Silicone. Vinyl is a firm and smooth material that flexes but doesn’t contract. Silicone on the other hand can be anything from firm to super soft and usually flexes easily. Sometimes plugs have a seam from where the molds meet the other half. Higher quality plugs such as square peg don’t have seams because they are formed from a single mold.

Whether its quirky shapes, simple pleasures or intense fun, there is a plug for everyone. Here at regulation we cater to all tastes and we are committed to finding ever more ways for you to pleasure your prostate.

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