Product Highlight: Mr S Bishop Head Harness
Product Highlight: Mr S Bishop Head Harness

bishopheadharness2What you're looking at is the totally effective and versatile leather Bishop Head Harness we've just shipped in from Mr S Leather in the USA.

It features all the standard adjustable straps you'd expect from a good muzzle but the shape and design mean this thing can really fit snuggly around your face, and it feels great! It's made from soft garment leather making this head piece unusually comfortable if you're wearing it for extended periods. This is definitely a plus in our opinion!

The eye cover is detachable and renders vision impossible when it's snapped in place and wrapped around your face. 6 snaps ensure it does this well and you also have a optional mouth plate to cover your mouth, obviously when it's no longer useful.

bishopheadharness3But the really awesome part of this harness is the detachable pecker gag. It's firm and odorless, and at 3" (7.5cm), it's actually very effective. Not for the easily choked. We think this is a good thing as you won't forget it's in place and it performs it's job beautifully. Not a word can be uttered, just the odd moan or whine which we can deal with and nothing a swift punishment won't fix. Put simply, once strapped on, this gag is not going anywhere and you'll definitely feel it.

The Bishop Head Harness offers a tight, vision and speech restricting, submissive head trip that we think you'll absolutely love.

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