Douching: The Beginner Guide
Douching: The Beginner Guide

When it comes to anal, we all accept that sometimes it's inevitable - shit happens. Still, many blokes hate the idea of coming into contact with shit during ass play so enemas or douching help fix that.

Anal Douching is simply the process of inserting streams of water into the rectum, holding it for a short period of time and then expelling it. The water will be pretty shitty at first but after a few repetitions should run almost clear.

When douching, we don't recommend any soaps or detergents as water should be sufficient and it's less likely to cause irritation. Over time, you'll get used to how your body feels and, with practice, the douching process will become easier and more comfortable as you relax.


Your diet will affect the way douching goes and you will need to get the hang of your own body.  If you are going to get hungry try to eat around 1.5 hours before play. This will ensure you are not feeling full but the food hasn't reached too far along your digestive system.

Try and keep the previous meal to around 6-8 hours before you douche as it should have moved far enough along for a good clean out.

This all sounds complicated but it basically means that a normal 1pm lunch and a light 7:30pm dinner are perfect for 9pm playtime.

Your diet is going to affect how easy it is to get cleaned out. Eating light around 12-24 hours before you douche is ideal along with eating extra fibre to get things moving inside.

Before you're into the swing of things you might also want to start your douching session in the bathtub. Until you know what the sensation feels like or how your body responds accidents can happen and clean up will be easier.


What are we cleaning?

For regular anal sex or standard cock length dildos most people will only want to clean the rectum.  This is the section just beyond the sphincter, is normally the bit that accommodates cocks and toys and is full of great nerve endings.  The rectum itself isn't designed to actually store fecal matter and is used by body to keep itself clean.  Of course, some stuff usually gets left behind after going to the toilet.  This is the stuff we are trying to clean out here.

The rectum only requires 100-200ml of water to be filled up and normally needs 3-5 rinse and repeats to be clean.

If you like heavier anal play, such as Fisting, which might carry on past the next sphincter, you may need to clean a bit higher.

If you keep slowly adding water after the rectum is full, it will start to flow into the lower colon. This is an area above the rectum, which is separated by another sphincter and must relax to allow water to flow up.  You can normally feel this happen, as the pressure in the rectum will be relieved as the water is allowed to move higher.

The rectum plus the lower colon start to become full after 500ml – 1000ml of water.  Because of the second sphincter, which separates the 2 sections, the evacuation normally happens in 2 goes.  First the rectum will empty, and then the lower colon will empty shortly after.  You should let both these areas empty before going for another fill.   This may need 3 or more rinses so allow yourself half an hour.

Over filling with water is the main reason people have surprises when they think they're fully cleaned out.

After 1000ml, water starts to flow into the upper colon.  This is generally unnecessary for most anal activities and this much water is more for people who are exploring enema play for its own sake.  1-2 Litre fills take the longest to evacuate as the water moves back out at its own pace.

Over filling with water is the main reason people have surprises when they think they're fully cleaned out.  Once too much water is introduced it may not come back out until the middle of your session so remember to stick to around 200ml for a quick clean and 500ml for a slightly deeper clean.


The Tools

There are a number of different tools available for you to use at home.

Douche Bulbs

These easy to use douche bulbs are one of the more popular methods. Fill one up with luke-warm water and insert the nozzle into your ass hole. Take care when inserting smaller nozzles and gently squeeze the bulb. These reusable bulbs can be washed out with an anti-bacterial soap after use although we don't recommend you share it with anyone. The smaller bulbs are also very portable - sex vacation anyone?

Anal Irrigator Deep Cleansing

For more experienced ass players, and douching aficionados, long and flexible douching anal probes such as the Anal Irrigator can be used for an especially deep cleanse. Extra care should be taken to ensure the water pressure is low and controllable and water temperature is luke-warm. A good water-based lube will help with insertion.

Shower Douche Heads

These are the first choice for fisters and anal pros. They should also be installed on a plumbing system with controllable water pressure. A stop/start valve is also ideal. Positioning the tip of the head to create a seal around your ass hole is all it takes, although some guys like to insert the head further. Take extra care avoid damage to the lining of the rectum. With this style of douche, a good flow of water will help clean the hose and the head attachment can be cleaned separately with anti-bacterial soap or even sterilized in the dishwasher. Sans dishes!

Gravity Bags

These can take some time to assemble and hang but gravity douche bags offer a slower, more moderate flow, making them good for beginners. They're also especially popular with guys who like enemas as a kink and part of a scene.

See our Douching & Cleansing Range


Top Tips

If you are having trouble retaining the water while you fill up, try and lower the temperature of the water you are using.  While colder water feels slightly less comfortable, it does help keep the muscles contracted until you are ready to release.

Above all take it slow and if you experience pain or discomfort, just reduce or stop the flow of water.

A good water-based lube is recommended when inserting nozzles into your rectum.

So, in summary, with practice and experience you'll become more comfortable with douching. Find the right douching tool, relax, take your time and feel how your body responds. Happy douching.