SQUAREPEG Mel Harness Dildo

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Now available with a FlushCup™ suction base or SquarePegToys® for harness or machine play.

Meet Mel like SquarePegToys® did back in June of 2012 during the nationwide charity fundraising tour to celebrate my 15th year. He came to the “Make Your Own Dildo” workshop and made a nice cast of his hand. Over the course of the day there was ample time for conversation and my intentions of starting a line of Realistic toys came up. Mel mentioned he might have something worthwhile and whipped it out! Needless to say, we made arrangements for him to return at the end of the next day’s workshop to get it cast. What a job!

The toy is an exact replica in every detail with him about 80% erect I would guess. It’s not an easy thing staying hard in a cool gelatinous medium. There is a smooth spot near the base were the mold got damaged, and his cock was so beautifully veiny (something that large needs a lot of blood) that I actually had to sand them down a bit. In real life veins collapse, but in silicone they add way too much texture to feel real. He is also uncut, so we needed to fill in the area just behind the glans for production purposes.

Mel is his real name, used with his express permission… you see, it seems Mel is quite the exhibitionist and delights in knowing his member is being enjoyed the world over.

SMALL 7.0 6.0
NORMAL SIZE 8 1/2 7.0
1X 8 3/4 7 3/4
2X 9 3/4 8 1/2

Famous for their unusual shapes and creative designs, SquarePegToys® has built a reputation in the US and around the world for high quality silicone ass toys that last. They're perfect for use with all kinds of lubes - and despite being more expensive than traditional dildos or plugs - these toys will last for years and beyond.

Beginning in 1997, SquarePegToys® was the first to produce large silicone toys targeted directly at fetish anal play in a market dominated by vinyl.

Each shape begins as a unique, hand-sculpted model inspired from imagination with an eye towards what would make for great hole play.


All SquarePegToys® are made in the USA with US produced silicone to further ensure the product’s safety and quality.


Unlike some Rubber or Vinyl products, Silicone is a highly durable material. resistant to moisture and oils. Silicone is unsurpassed in its suitability for sex toys and is the only material that will live up to the kind of use and abuse that serious ass toy users put them through.

To learn even more about SquarePegToys® along with FAQs and user guides, visit the Community Learning Center

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